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National Bank of Belize Limited commonly known as the People’s Bank, opened its doors for business on September 2, 2013 in the nation’s capital, Belmopan. The bank is fully owned by the Government of Belize, and has built a solid foundation based on integrity, transparency, fairness and sound banking principles.

Our financial offerings are designed to meet the banking needs of all Belizeans at the most affordable and competitive interest rates. Our mortgage products range from home construction, home purchase, and home improvements to mortgage refinancing. Other loan products include vehicle, consumer and small business loans. The bank also offers, deposit accounts including savings, checking and term deposits.

At the National Bank of Belize Limited, we aim at providing our customers the best service possible, where every customer is treated with honesty, fairness, and openness.


The People’s Bank with affordable services for all!

Core Values

For the National Bank of Belize Limited and its staff, treating customers fairly is central to its socially responsible mission as “the People’s Bank”. Based on that principle the bank operates on three fundamental core values.

  1. Treating customers fairly– which means listening carefully to our customers, understanding their needs, and developing and providing products and services that meet those needs at a fair price.
  2. Transparency– the bank will publish its financial statements according to the requirements of the Central Bank and will follow best industry practices in the private sector for publicly listed companies, even though it is publicly owned by the Government of Belize.
  3. Sound Banking– the application of sound banking principles in the bank’s risk management process will seek to ensure that core credit and market risks are properly identified and managed, while other risks resulting from its ordinary operations are mitigated to the extent possible.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the Bank is operated in accordance with governing laws and regulations and that it serves the needs of its entire community including those of modest means. It is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the Bank and delivery of sustainable value to shareholders.

The National Bank of Belize Limited governing Board of Directors are:

  1. Dr Carla Barnett – Chairman
    2. Marion Palacio – Vice Chairman
    3. Dylan Reneau – Director
    4. Barbara Hall – Director