National Bank of Belize Limited Celebrates Its First Anniversary

National Bank of Belize Limited Celebrates Its First Anniversary

The National Bank of Belize Limited celebrated its 1st Anniversary on Tuesday, September 2, 2014. The Belmopan Branch first opened its doors on 2nd September 2013. In celebrating a milestone achievement, the bank shared its day of pride with customers visiting the banking hall to open deposit accounts and participate in a host of activities including raffles, trivia, wheel of fortune games and many other giveaways that lasted for one week.


The major highlight of the bank’s first anniversary was the offering of deposit accounts. In celebrating Belize’s 33Independence the 33rd customer that opened a savings account received a brand new BBQ Grill. Other customers received cell phones and top up cards among other promotional items.


As a part of educating the public and drawing awareness to the country’s only national bank, all primary and secondary schools in the City of Belmopan were invited to learn about the bank and its purpose. At the end of the week, over 600 students visited the bank. They left the premises happy with a small token of appreciation and provided them with snacks.